The goal of the CROMO project is to establish a long-term microbial "observatory" into the serpentinite subsurface. The CROMO team has been monitoring several drill wells at the site equipped with fluid and gas sampling lines for high-resolution analyses of the serpentinization-associated microorganisms.


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Public DNA Sequence Data

CROMO fluids 16S amplicons by JGI





SRA Sample:SRS1016530

SRA Study:SRP061787

SRA Runs:SRR2134063-SRR2134109


CROMO fluids metagenomes by JGI

JGI IMG/M project IDs: 1021918, 1021921, 1021924, 1021927

MG-RAST IDs: 4569549.3, 4569550.3, 4569551.3, 4569552.3



Twing, K. I., Brazelton, W. J., Kubo, M. D. Y., Hyer, A. J., Cardace, D., Hoehler, T.M., McCollom, T.M. & Schrenk, M. O. (2017). Serpentinization-influenced groundwater harbors extremely low diversity microbial communities adapted to high pH. Frontiers in Microbiology8, 308.