Crystal Geyser is an ongoing eruption of water from a deep aquifer to form a travertine deposit on the east bank of the Green River near the town of Green River, UT. Unlike 'Old Faithful', it is not driven by volcanic activity, and it is not hot. Instead, the water is expelled due to de-gassing of carbon dioxide (CO2) that occurred when an oil company drilled a well into the aquifer in 1935 (Shipton et al., 2004). Today, Crystal Geyser and other CO2-rich aquifer systems are being studied for their potential as natural analogues for carbon sequestration projects (Bickle & Kampman, 2013). Our goals for the Crystal Geyser project include the characterization of bacteria and archaea that may reside in the deep aquifers and the determine of the spatial, temporal, and ecological dynamics of the subsurface microbial communities.


Crystal Geyser Eruption


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Chaffin Ranch Geyser Eruption:



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