Research Presentations

A recording of Dr. Brazelton presenting an overview of current research in the lab at a NASA Astrobiology Early Career Seminar.


Slides for Dr. Brazelton's presentation, "Introduction to Serpentinite-Hosted Microbial Ecosystems", presented at the Deep Carbon Observatory's "Deep Life" meeting in Lisbon, May 2015. 


Slides for Dr. Brazelton's presentation on the importance of microbial ecology and metagenomics in astrobiology, presented at the NASA Astrobiology Conference (AbSciCon) in Chicago, June 2015. 


BIOL 3960/5960 Microbial Ecosystems

taught Spring 2015, will be next taught either in Fall 2016 or Spring 2017 under course number BIOL 3270/5270


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List of assigned readings

Slides for lectures available on figshare